1. Windows 8 disk 1 of 1713


  2. Google analytics online checkout in real life - very funny


  3. My most controversial http://tweetsmap.co.uk feature yet. “View more tweets from this person”


  4. Star Wars intro done in CSS and JavaScript - http://codepen.io/TimPietrusky/pen/eHGfj



  6. Building balloon towers in the office.


  7. Ziggy is asleep and snoring pretending to be a circle in his basket.


  8. Got my pi up and running as a webserver.


  9. Want to know what’s being tweeted on the Apple Cupertino campus today on the day of the new announcements? Tweetmaps can help! Click the image above.


  10. Yesterday I turned 32.


  11. Got a raspberry pi for my birthday, not sure what to do with it yet. Shoutcast radio server, web server or very slow bit coin mining rig?


  12. This site has the 99 bottles of beer song written in 1500 different programming languages. I particularly like the JavaScript and Perl obfuscated versions. The PHP version makes sense, the Java version seems over the top and the COBOL version makes sense but I think the beer would be a long time warm by now.


  13. There is an old joke “What’s the difference between computer hardware and computer software?” The answer is “If you use hardware long enough it breaks. If you use software long enough it works.”


  14. Google Easter egg :- search for tilt or askew on your smart phone for some wonky search results


  15. Air Ministry, 15 November 1940.

    The KING has been graciously pleased to confer the Victoria Cross on the undermentioned officer in recognition of most conspicuous bravery : —

    Flight Lieutenant James Brindley NICOLSON (39329) — No. 249 Squadron.
    During an engagement with the enemy near Southampton on 16th August 1940, Flight Lieutenant Nicolson’s aircraft was hit by four cannon shells, two of which wounded him whilst another set fire to the gravity tank. When about to abandon his aircraft owing to flames in the cockpit he sighted an enemy fighter. This he attacked and shot down, although as a result of staying in his burning aircraft he sustained serious burns to his hands, face, neck and legs. Flight Lieutenant Nicolson has always displayed great enthusiasm for air fighting and this incident shows that he possesses courage and determination of a high order. By continuing to engage the enemy after he had been wounded and his aircraft set on fire, he displayed exceptional gallantry and disregard
    for the safety of his own life.